I usually don’t go out to mingle after my work on weekends, especially if my work earlier involves a lot of talking, as I feel so tired. But today, I managed to finished early and I was still feeling very energetic. So for the first time, I went to a meetup event. This is so unlike me! But I am liking the challenge I gave myself.

I ate before I went, and because it was located in a city district, it was especially quiet during weekends. Now I know where to find a quiet spot to hang out and have tea in town if I needed a quiet place to talk and chill.

It was actually really lovely. There were less than 5 people in the restaurant I was in, and after everyone left, I was alone. It felt like I had the whole restaurant to myself!

But what I really enjoyed and savored at that very moment – was sitting quietly by myself, eating alone, without music, and watching the leaves on the trees moving like crazy. The wind was very strong. What a sight. I was really enchanted with that very moment. I felt peaceful.

I sat, rested and had a good half an hour to the peace and quiet surrounding me before I left for the meetup event.

I just wanted to document this as I will remember that joy I felt with being at the present moment.