Choosing people to spend time with wisely

I met this girl at at event last November. Thinking back, I may have presented myself in a weaker way, because I just suffered from profound sadness on that very same day. Please read my last blog post to understand what I am referring to.

I wasn’t feeling “strong” and I think some people may just think that I am easy to manipulate. The girl asked me for contact number and I gave it to her. Yes she said that she was an insurance agent, and I am thinking and wanting to let people reveal their true motives.

Anyway, she had actively tried to schedule dinner with me throughout these few months and all of which, she had always rescheduled it after she couldn’t make it. I was not pro-active in rescheduling any of this.

One day, she texted me with a spammy message, asking me to click on her sister’s facebook page to like a post. This is so that her sister could win in a contest. To me, that’s pretty spammy and I’m afterall just an acquaintance.

I ignored it for a day, and asked advice from a friend on how to reply this. Obviously I’m not going to click “Like” on her sister’s post. My friend suggested that I refer her to a fiverr service to buy likes.

I did that, and her response was “hahaha, I was just doing a once off thing”. My response was “The fiverr way is more efficient to get likes than texting your contacts one by one.” Her reply was “Thanks babe, I didn’t even know such service exist!”

I don’t think she understood that she crossed the line.

That left a bad taste in my mouth somehow.

We are supposed to meet for dinner next week, but I’m just not feeling it. So I’m going to cancel it and tell her that I’ll contact her when my schedule frees up.


Yes I did it! It is cancelled.