Reappearance of the Damaged Guy

It’s been a while…

I’ve just been living and going on my life as usual. I don’t intend to write until I have something significant that is worth to write it down for remembrance.

I realized I was never comfortable with people ghosting and then re-appearing into my life. This most probably only applies to romantic relationships. I came to this realization because I do have friends whom I don’t regularly keep contact with, but when they do contact me, nothing changes and we could catch up easily. But the same cannot be applied for romantic relationships or guys who were showing an interest in me at the early stage. I am wondering why?

The damaged guy reached out to me after disappearing for 2 months. The last communication 2 months ago was just lacked of substance. It was some holidays and he wished me happy holidays. And then he just replied back with “I’m back from visiting the family in xxxx”. Which, really isn’t a question, and it was just boring to continue the conversation. So I didn’t bother reply.

2 months went by and he started asking “how are you doing”. I replied “Good, yourself?”

And this is what he sent. His text in white and mine in green.


When he asked for coffee, I was thinking of what to reply him. I wasn’t interested. Ignoring would be what I have done in the past, but it really doesn’t addresses the issue of our communication issue.

I didn’t want to repeat the pattern like what I used to do, either ignoring or avoiding the issue. I don’t think I would ever learn in those situations.

So this time round, I decided to be honest.

And the reply was really, precisely my point.

After that, he blocked and deleted me.

One could have chosen their respond more carefully than to treat everything like it is a laughing matter I think. This was not the only time similar issue has came up. I’m tired of communicating with people who don’t seem to make a better attempt at being a better communicator.

I’m actually proud of myself that I expressed myself in this situation.


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