A blunder

I made a blunder yesterday, but the important thing was, I was able to laugh at myself.

I had a date with someone new in town. I knew of a cafe that would be relatively quiet even on the weekend and suggested to the guy that we meet there. I am however bad with building names and gave him the wrong building name. It was 2 blocks away. When the guy text and told me he arrived and was in a blue shirt, I approached the wrong guy (obviously) and asked if he was J. He said, no sorry. I was actually relieved in a strange way. I called J to find out where he was, and realized he was at another building. I apologized and said I will walk over.

While walking over, I replayed the scenario and had the ability to laugh at myself silently. I thought it was funny.

The date itself was all right. We had a nice conversation, and he didn’t seem to have any jarring red flags right away that I wouldn’t talk to him again. At this stage, I’m really just taking it easy and considering this as a social event more than anything. I’m just glad to be able to talk to someone new without feeling anxiety.