Back from a Learning Trip


My friend has always told me that the best investment I can make is in myself. And so if I could relate that to what it means in work context for me, it means investing in acquiring skills so that I could potentially become better at what I do.

I just got back from a work learning trip a few days ago. It was totally unplanned, and never did I thought I would make a learning work trip this year. But sometime Feb or March, when I was feeling a little down, I chanced upon a teacher’s work that I admire so much. I sent an email to enquire about the possibility to learn from her and she said yes. So when all the stars are aligned that way, I felt that I should make a trip.

I am glad I went ahead with this challenge. This was a challenge to me in many ways. First, I was going to Japan, where I don’t speak the language. The teacher couldn’t speak English, so I figured I would mostly be observing her intently to learn. For questions, I would use the translation app to translate what I needed to ask. I also had to figure out how to get to the teacher’s place, which wasn’t too easy to get to. After a train ride, I had to take a short bus ride. I didn’t know how the buses worked there, so I was nervous about how to get there essentially. But my friend told me to do a trial run the day before, so I was intending to do that. Next, I also decided to rent an airbnb place near my teacher’s place so that I don’t have to worry about traveling time and all. That was a great move. Traveling time was cut down tremendously.

With all those obstacles I’ve listed, you can imagined I felt like I have climbed Mount Everest for this year. My biggest goal for 2017 has been accomplished. I did something that I never thought I could possibly do.



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