The best looking bus driver

I can’t believe I’m writing about this, because it sounds just so lame, immature. Like a fan girl. But I think it’s still blog worthy for my own sake. Just so that when years passed, I can remember about this and probably try to recall if I can remember this incident.

I’ve taken many buses over the years.

Before my trip to Japan this year, I would say the best looking bus driver I’ve met was in Vancouver, BC. He drove the bus from Chinatown to Metrotown. He was tall, well built and dark skinned. He was also very patient with people who had special needs.

Then, I went to Japan, and I saw the best looking bus driver. He drove a feeder bus that shuttles from the train station to the suburbs. I think he’s mixed. He looked mostly asian, but he had very sharp, beautiful features. He also had a nice deep voice. I think he’s at most in his early 30s.

I kind of regret not taking a picture of him, but it would have been quite embarrassing to do so. The bus wasn’t crowded, and with everyone looking straight ahead, it’s going to be awkward if I took a picture of him. I hope my memory doesn’t fade. But I’m sure it will.

I didn’t know that seeing a good looking bus driver could make my trip that memorable. But it did. I can remember till now.

I took the same bus, trying to catch the same time each day as I go for classes, hoping to see him again. But no such luck. Never met him again.

And the funny thing was, I told Big Leaf that. He asked if I said hello to the bus driver. He encouraged me to say hello to him the next time?! But there isn’t a next time. But I’m glad I can share such silly stories with him. Being able to share even the lamest, silly stories feel good.


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